English Biography

Danzatakara. 〈Takara Kikoya〉

Takara Kikoya also known as Danzatakara. is a professional dancer working in Tokyo, Japan. She dances modern, contemporary, flamenco, etc. uses each essence to create her own style of dancing. She started dancing at 5 years old. At age 15, she went to study in the United States and graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy dance major in 2007. She then trained at college and dance conservatories in NYC, Toronto, and Spain. After 8 years of studying around the world Takara came back to Tokyo and started to perform and teach flamenco. In 2017, she took a break from all the dance activities and traveled Okinawa alone. There she was deeply inspired by the classical performing arts of Ryukyu, the beauty of the expression that values the permanence and harmony of ‘time’, and the richness of the culture woven by the people and nature of Okinawa. Her soul trembled intensely and she began her creative activities. In 2018, Takara created her first dance work “YUGAFU” and presented in Tokyo. ‘YUGAFU’ means “peaceful world” in Okinawa. She named her creative works as “Project YUGAFU” and pursuing the dance arts as life work.



2004-2007 Idyllwild Arts Academy dance major
2007-2007 Marymount Manhattan College dance major
2009-2009 Tama Arts University
2009-2010 The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
2011-2012 Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco

Summer trainings:
2005 Ridgefield Dance Camp in Ridgefield, CT, USA.
2006 Lines Ballet Summer Dance Intensive in San Francisco, CA, USA.

2007 Bella Lewitzky Memorial Award.
2011 CAF Concurso de Arte FlamencoⅥ, Encouragement Award.
2011 ANIF Flamenco Renaissance, Encouragement Award.
2013 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco VII, 2nd Prize.
2015 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco Ⅷ, 2nd Prize.
2017 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco Ⅸ, Conservatory Award.
2020 Kadoma International Film Festival 2020, Dance Film Division, Outstanding performance Award.
2020 Kadoma International Film Festival 2020, Dance Film Division, Best Female Dancer Award.

2018 “YUGAFU” theater performance
2018 “SUIKINKUTSU” live show
2018 “UTAKI” live show
2020 “RIVER” dance film

Other Works for dancing
2015-2016 “Gilles de Rais” performance show
2015 EXILE All Japan tour “Amazing world”, as guest performer
2015 Soluz Music Video “Midnight Pulse”
2016 Takamasa Morita Music Video “Slow”
2018 “Rai Zing Gate” performance show
2018 Crystal Lake Music Video “THE CIRCLE”
2020 a crowd of rebellion Music Video “Muzaisha”
2021 Documentary film “Yoakemae no uta”